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Building a home is one of the biggest financial outlays many people make in their lives. Choosing the right custom home builder in Perth will ensure you get the home that you want, on time and on budget. Clients choosing a volume project builder based on price, often realise they could of received a specialist custom home builder service at a comparable price.

Single Story Homes

Modern, sophisticated and functional single storey homes Perth residents have loved for more than 12 years. Edward Brewer Custom Homes are award-winning new home builders in Perth who love making dream homes a reality.

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Two Storey Homes

With Perth’s stunning scenery and opportunities for great views, why would you consider anything other than a home that can let you take it all in? At Edward Brewer Custom Homes, we are specialist two storey home builders with over 30 years experience.

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Split Level Homes

Have you been told that it can’t be done, it’s too expensive or complex to build on a sloping block and that you should look for something flatter? Look no further!

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Small & Narrow Lot Homes

The lot sizes available to new homeowners in Perth are decreasing at a faster rate than ever before. If you are a home buyer looking to make the best out of the situation, fear not, your dream home is still achievable!

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How can you be certain you’ve chosen the right builder for your custom home?

Once you know you want a custom home, choosing the right custom home builder in Perth to match your budget and design is the next step. The right builder will be able to manage any design ideas you think off.‍The problem in choosing the right builder, is most builders appear similar. They all seem qualified, experienced and charge around the same fees. No wonder many people find the process of choosing a builder so confusing!

Inside Tips: Approval: it's great getting a custom home design, but does it comply? Our governmental system is getting more and more complex, hence why the average custom design takes 12-24 months to design and gain approval. This delay is due to non-compliant designs. At every point in the design stage, Edward Brewer Homes advise its clients when a design change will not comply with their request, and come up with an alternative which does. We identify the problem before it becomes a problem, therefore eliminating most delays which normally occur during the design stage. Few builders and designers have this skill in their design team, which results in lengthy unforeseen!/unexpected delays.

most custom home builders are capable registered builders. However very few are master builders and have the experience team and processes to manage custom designs in a timely manner successfully. The difference here is time frame. Traditionally custom home builds take 18 - 24 months to build. Delays are always put under unforeseeable changes or adjustments to your home.

A professional master builder can deliver a custom built home in half that time, gain approval and start building quicker than the industry standard.(imagine how much money it costs to hold double mortgages, or renting for an extra 9-12 months). Unforeseeable costs for a million dollar home can easily exceed fifty thousand, however the true loss is your time to receive and live in your home.

The Edward Brewer Custom Homes Difference

Contrary to what you might be thinking, our custom homes cost around the same as project built houses do, we don’t say that, our clients do. The difference in advertised prices are the custom inclusions. The upfront price is irrelevant for a customised home, the reality is in the end price you pay.

The project builders philosophy is to bring you in on an advertised price, try and get you signed up before you have time to digest what you’ve been presented, that's sales, their standard strategy. Once a simple (PPA) signature is received, they have then captured you, then they start building the price up. All this time pricing eventually matches or succeeds the custom home builders transparency and honest pricing. Our expectation is to be as transparent as reasonably possible, guarantee that we’ll deliver on time and on budget with no hidden extras.

The hundreds of people we’ve worked with, who have all faced the same challenges as you, are the force that drives us every day. It’s because of them, and now you, that we’ve developed a meticulous process to help you find the right builder for your home and your budget. We are specialist Perth custom home builders who can give you the house of your dreams, matched to your block of land and delivered on time and on budget - guaranteed.

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Making Your Dream Custom Built Home a Reality

The first step is simply come in and see us. Ask all the questions to see if we are what we say we are.

Building your dream home is not meant to be that hard.starting your dream home in making it reality, is to chat with our design team about the features you want, the type of block you have and all the other necessary details. You can find out more about the design process on the Custom Home Designs page.

Unlike most builders that offer you a standard project-build design and try to make it fit your location and lifestyle, we have a range of location building designs to suit different types of blocks. Each design can easily be modified and adjusted to suit your preferences because that’s what we do all day every day.

We customise houses. Single storey, double storey, split level, small lot - you name it. Every house we’ve ever built is unique and different to the rest.Since we specialise in working with people who want a builder who can handle custom requests - we can not only make the home of your dreams but we also guarantee we’ll deliver it on time and within budget. That’s the Edward Brewer Home builders Perth guarantee.