Demolish, Rebuild or Renovate?

As experts in Demolition & rebuilds, the questions people ask themselves before entering this journey are, our home is to old, is in disrepair, no longer meets our needs, or i can now put two, three or four duplexes, townhouses, units on my land. Do i renovate and extend or do i demolish. What are the costs, and will i get my investment back. These questions are almost always asked up front before making the decision to Demolish & Rebuild, or renovate.On the journey to living in your dream home, you might consider buying the perfect block with a less than perfect house on it. Or, you  might love living in your existing location with great neighbours and excellent facilities around you. More people are demolishing these days to choose a new home rather than renovating or extending an existing home.

The Question only 10% of people consider

What will the outcome of my decision today, be like in ten or twenty years when i enter the next phase of my life and sell?We all think similar to each other. 90% of us will make economic financial decisions which end up coming back to haunt us in ten or twenty years, WHY? Would it be possible to get the same outcome as everyone else, if everyone else is doing the same thing? Thats a big yes. This is the 10% rule.

Successful people invest well, this means in everything they do, they do it different, they do it well. They spend 10% more to get it right, this protects the 90% they are already spending. Its resale value, its thinking of the end outcome.

Our Knock Down Rebuild Process

Understanding parts of the knock down and rebuild process may seem tricky at first, but it really is quite simple. We’ve developed this easy to follow, step-by-step process for you below. If any part of our guide prompts you to ask more questions, our team is always willing to answer them, no matter how detailed or obscure! We’re here to help you along this entire journey and it starts by making sure you understand everything you need to.

Financing your demolition and rebuild

Demolition is as simple as gaining three quotes from licensed demolition companies. They will arrange with the relevant authorities, for all service disconnections, any asbestos removal, trees, septics or sewers. To meet lawful requirements, they will also bait the home before demolition occurs. If you have any specific requests to save that special tree, or keep that shed in the corner, this needs to be clearly documented to them and noted in their quotation. This process from decision to go ahead to demolition completion is generally 4-6 weeks.

What no one tells you, and generally excluded from demolition quotes, is the possibility of kerb and footpath damage. This damage is due to the type of machinery needed to demolish your home. It’s advised to make an allowance in your budget for repairing or replacing kerbs & footpaths. Some councils may have verge requirements also.

Initial Meeting to Discuss Home Design

Every block of land is different. Your house should be built to suit your block in order to maximise your blocks potential. For this meeting to be fruitful, you will need to provide us with as much information as possible about your land and your vision for your dream house. The more details we have to work with, the quicker and smoother our design process will be. It’s also worthwhile to have a contour survey of your block as this can alter the type of design we recommend.

Design Concept and Detailed Cost Breakdown Provided

After the initial meeting, we will custom design a floor plan concept with basic elevations to suit your lifestyle and budget. We then provide a detailed quote for your review.

If you already have concept or detailed plans to provide us, we can provide you the same quote detailing all you need to know. In the quote we provide details of inclusions and exclusions needed to build your home.

Preparation Plans Agreement (PPA)

Now that you have chosen to move forward the PPA fee (approx 1.5% for single storey, 2.0% for two storey of budget quote) is payable. This allows us to collate and confirm site information including, site survey, engineer’s reports, energy efficiency, BAL and corrosion requirements to complete working drawings ready to present to Shire for approval.

Once this stage is complete, any adjustments or changes are recorded in your PPA quote, which progresses and becomes a Building Quote. This finalises and locks in pricing before moving to the final stage. This stage generally takes between 4-8 weeks. 4-6 weeks for single storey, 6-8 weeks for double storey. If planning approval is required, this will double that time for approvals.

Full Working Plans and Building Contract

This phase is where the action really begins!

Construction plans, the Addenda of Specifications and the Building Quote now form a building contract ready for your authorisation. Once signed and a deposit of 6.5% is paid we can formally apply for the relevant Building Approvals.
(note: the PPA deposit is deducted from the building contract deposit amount) 

Building Approval and Time to Start Building

Time to submit your plans for building approval. This will generally take around three weeks depending on which council is involved for approval.
The Fun Begins...Once Building approval has been given, it generally takes around two weeks to start onsite.

Build Time Guarantee

When building with Edward Brewer Homes, we are so confident on delivering our service to you that we offer a Build Time Guarantee.

This guarantee includes events such as inclement weather, trade shortages and material delays as we believe all these things should be better managed by Perth demolition and building companies.

This service to you is unprecedented, especially when coupled with our quality control process. We are the first Perth builders to offer this level of security and guarantee to our customers*.

* You can ask our design consultant for a Build Time Guarantee disclosure statement.

Attitude can either make it or break it when it comes to any Perth demolition and rebuild project

Whether you feel positive or negative throughout the course of your build project, it will make all the difference.

The building process is comprehensively detailed and many aspects can be quite frustrating if you allow them to be. In our experience, we have found that despite having built over 150 homes in Perth, we still cannot control one thing in this process: how you feel.

People react in many different ways to many different circumstances and that’s a natural part of life. The building process is largely the same today as it has been in decades past, just with more complicated approval processes and expectations.

We cannot control our clients’ emotions. Many take the building process in their stride but some don’t. If you are able to be patient during the approval processes and work with a team that you trust, then you have no reason to make the process frustrating for yourself and your family.

The clients we work with maintain relationships with us long after the build process is complete. We love building unique homes. More than this, we love working with people like you and making your dream home a reality. That’s why people choose to work with us and that’s why they have such great experiences with us.

As we understand the building process thoroughly, we do what we can to explain every stage and manage everyone’s expectations. We actively work to take away the stress that comes with a building project for you.

Perth Demolition & Rebuild

By choosing to work with Edward Brewer Custom Homes for your Perth demolition and custom home rebuild, you’ll be backed by our triple guarantee and you’ll have a trusted team of expert builders by your side the whole way through. Better yet, you’ll make the dream of living in your perfect home a reality.
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