Exceptional Single Storey New Home Designs

Our single storey home designs are known for focusing on the customised, personal touches that make your dream home unique. Custom designed homes are our specialty. Our single storey homes balance modern design with functionality and are a perfect fit for your unique block of land.

You will be covered by our Triple Guarantee for Build Time, Budget and Post-Build support. No matter the style of the single level home that you choose, you will be guaranteed superior design and craftsmanship from our award-winning team.

Single Storey Homes That Outshine the Rest

Most of our clients come to us because they are looking for a builder who offers more than the stock standard new homes in Perth. They want a builder who listens to them, provides personal touches that makes their home special and unique to them.

That’s our specialty. Custom homes without the custom prices. Our single storey custom homes are priced affordably and are comparable to those produced by project builders.

How can this be?

Edward Brewer Custom Homes are members of the largest building co-operative in Western Australia, “Wesbuilders” who give access to better material and services prices comparable to the big builders. We are the next step from mass produced project builders in Perth. This enables you to have that new custom designed home built at an affordable, comparable price without all the sales and marketing costs added in.

It’s the little things we do that make a world of difference to your experience during construction and right through to completion.

The last thing you want to be thinking is “If only the ceilings were that little bit higher and the windows that little bit bigger to allow more natural light in”. Our free initial design consultation allows you to chat to our team about all the features you would like included in your single storey home design.

We’ll create a proposal including these elements along with the exact amount they will cost.

Remember, we set a price from the beginning and we stick to it. That’s our guarantee for your piece of mind.

Why Choose A Single Level New Home in Perth?

Single storey homes are appealing to many homeowners for various reasons. From parents seeking to downsize after their children move out to young families wanting a floor plan with all bedrooms and living areas on the same level. If you’re a first home buyer, have a limited budget, have a small block or are simply looking for a smaller house, single level may also be the way to go.

Single level homes are also great for energy efficiency, especially in an area like Perth. Depending on your location and block orientation, it may be easier to leverage sea breezes to naturally cool your house down and Perth’s hotter climate to warm your house up.

What’s more, as you would expect from a builder of our reputation, you’ll also enjoy high quality craftsmanship no matter the size of your house. While our single storey homes are often designed for those of a limited budget or small block size, we never skimp on the quality.

Ready to Make Your New Home a Reality?

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