More about Steel & Timber Frame Homes Perth

This method is the most widely used building method in the world as it offers higher energy ratings, faster build times and flexible design options.

As award-winning timber frame home builders in Perth, and with over 30 years of experience, our custom designed timber frame homes stand out from the rest. They allow for accuracy, quality and versatility that cannot be matched by double brick homes.

Frame construction is not only strong, but it can also withstand Australia’s harsh weather. The strength of a timber or steel frame allows for the incorporation of wide and open spaces, high ceilings and versatility in floor planning.

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Timber Frame Home Construction:

The Eco-Friendly Way to Build

As esteemed timber framed builders, we can tell you that such homes offer a high level of energy efficiency for any new home. Timber is widely known as one of the best building methods when it comes to using renewable resources.

Both steel and treated timber framed homes can be recycled and adapted easily down the track. The result is that they create less waste than homes built using brick or other less sustainable or renewable resources.

The walls of framed homes, while thinner than in brick houses, also allow for more floor space and better insulation. They are also protected from pests, especially termites, white ants and other insects that might be prone to attacking the integrity of your home.

Discover the flexibility of Timber Frame Designs

Not only is a timber framed home design one of the best options for eco friendly home construction, it is also useful for constructing on tricky blocks. Such design offers versatility double bricks homes simply cannot. If you’re thinking of building on a sloping block, a block with a clay or rock foundation or simply seeking to achieve elevation, a timber frame home may be the one for you.

Framed houses offer fantastic versatility in both style and design. Flexible construction options that are available with timber framed homes allow home designers to gain more diversity with dimensions.

These homes are also lightweight and stand out when it comes to new home design, growing in popularity ever so quickly. It’s no secret that such houses are steadily gaining in popularity throughout Perth. They offer greater rewards and improvements when it comes to insulation and acoustic factors. They also offer a number of cladding options and architecturally designed finishes.

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We are renowned throughout Perth for our craftsmanship, skill and expertise. Having built more than 150 homes for local residents, we are masters of our craft and ensure the highest quality work for each and every one of our clients.

If you’re looking for a design that offers energy efficiency, faster build time and limitless design options, steel or timber frame homes might be the best way to go. We are experts in custom home design for single storey, two storey and split level styles and we offer a complete design and build package. We can also arrange demolition in the event you want to rebuild on your property.

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