Edward Brewer Homes Unmatched Triple Guarantee.

Build with Confidence Because You’re Covered by Edward Brewer’s Unmatched Triple Guarantee.


Specialist Custom Builders in Perth

Building a new home is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions you’ll probably ever make. Ideally, you want to know things will go as smoothly as possible and that you’ll be covered in case they don’t.

As specialist custom builders in Perth, we have developed a system that allows us to guarantee your custom home will be built on time and within budget.

Here’s our plain
& simple promise:

"If we don’t deliver your home on time regardless of the weather, material and labour delays, we’ll pay your mortgage repayments until our contracted works are completely finished."

How can we make a Triple Guarantee?

At Edward Brewer Homes we are an award winning team that have successfully designed and built hundreds of homes in Perth since 2006.  Over time we have developed a very unique construction system which gives us an advantage over other builders. This system allows us to fast track the construction process and deliver your home on time and on budget.

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Post-Build guarantee:

The reality is that not every home we build is going to be 100% perfect. As you settle into your new home we offer a 6 months maintenance period, unlike other builders who offer only four months.

In this period we will address any possible concerns in a timely manner to ensure our quality controls are maintained.

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Price Guarantee
Price Guarantee:

When we give you a price, we mean it. No extras. No hidden surprises. We will lay everything out clearly and completely so you know exactly what you’ll get, when you’ll get it and how much it will cost.

On Time Guarantee
On time guarantee:

While all builders in Perth are contractually required to meet reasonable building time frames, there is enough fine print to disclaim any action of delay. We guarantee a build time which includes inclement weather, material or labour delays

Quality Control Guarantee
Quality Control Guarantee:

With so many new materials and products entering into the market daily, almost all being sourced from infinite sources from abroad, we notice a growing trend for products enter Australia or receive Australian certification, then fail.

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More about our Quality Control Guarantee:

As experienced builders spanning the past four decades, we looked at the successes and failures in the building industry, both commercial and residential and found a clear connection to these failures with the sourcing process. So we developed a simple checklist to ensure the best possible outcome for our homes and clients.

These are:

  • proven supplier with track record of service
  • Market leader in their field
  • Supplier 30 day accounts (in case of product imperfection)
  • Product replacement or support without question
  • Warranties or Guarantees in place
  • Maintenance service in place

With this list, we found successful service providers consistently outperform industry piers. This list is also our checklist when entertaining and comparing existing and new suppliers. As a custom home builder, and with support from the largest building co-operative in WA, Wesbuilders, we have confidence we can service any client who trusts us to build their next home.

The fine print, in plain English

We like keeping our terms and conditions plain and simple - no loop holes, tricky fine print or legal jargon. Just our straightforward promises that ensure you get the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Two storey homes have a guarantee time calculated on an individual basis. It will be dependent on the conditions of your site and construction complexity. We’ll let you know upfront how long it will take and will provide a guarantee for peace of mind however. Just ask your builder for details.

Our build time guarantee begins after we place the slab down and ends with practical completion.

In the event we cannot meet the time we’ve guaranteed, we’ll contribute $100 per hundred thousand (contract amount) per week towards your mortgage repayments until the arrival of the practical completion stage.

We, the builder, reserve the right to announce the practical completion stage. You, the client, acknowledge that this stage (by industry definition) is considered when all building works are completed, except for any defects or omissions which do not prevent the home from being used for its intended purpose.

If you choose not to accept the practical completion under this understanding, we are under no obligation to continue payments after the practical completion stage is announced.

Our guarantee are not subject to weather, material and/or public holiday delays and will remain in effect under such conditions.

Acts of God causing damage or unforeseen delay to the construction of the proposed dwelling are excluded from our guarantee.

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