Needing a specific building service, this client searched for the right builder with the experience to build their luxury home, and brought detailed concept plans to the table.


We designed a large home, with big open spaces, to accommodate a large family and a large social life.


Being a big home, this required structural needs not seen in the average large home. It required an experienced builder to engineer and detail the home, so that big spans had seamless lines and structural beams did not protrude into rooms, in turn meeting the clients desired finish. This was a 600 sq mtr home with complex construction, and became a large home for a growing family to expand into, and to meet their entertaining needs for years to come.

"Always very approachable and more than happy to accommodate."

Ease of communication & service prior to construction. Always very approachable and more than happy to accommodate. Communication during construction. Gena always kept me informed. Responsive to requests & changes during construction. Extremely flexible. Finished home representing value for money. Absolutely.